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Special Features

Kawade Shobo Shinsha or "Kawade Shobo" as it often is popularly called is one of the Japan's leading publishers of books. The firm was created as a publishing house in 1886. The scope of our activities widened to the literary arts and culture, and at present we offer publications in literature, cultural social science, fine arts, popular science, reference book, children's books, etc.

Especially in our literature sector, we have published several bestsellers including Kensaku Shimagi's "Life Study"(1937), Makoto Oda's "Looking Everything as possible" (1961), Atsushi Mori's "Gassan(Moon Mountain)"(1974), Masahiro Mita's "Who am I?"(1977), Yasuo Tanaka's "Feel like Christal"(1980), Amy Yamada's "Bed Time-Eyes" (1985), Machi Tawara's "Salad Memorial Day"(1987).

Our quarterly literary magazine, "Bungei" has over the years been instrumental in cultivating promising young novelists, giving birth to scores of Japan's literary greats including the recipients of " The Akutagawa(Ryunosuke) Award".

We also introduced a wide range of interesting, provocative books from abroad: the edgy , groundbreaking work of William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac Charles Bukowski; internationally acclaimed fiction by James Joyce, Margritte Duras, Alessandro Manzoni, Lawrence Durrell, Vladmir Nabokov, Jean Genet, Patrick McGtath, Peter Mayle;the brilliant non-fiction by Lyall Watson, Diane Ackerman, and Desmond Morris and so on. As for the completed collections by renowned Japanese authors as well as from abroad, we have also been praised its quality.

Kawade Shobo publishes a wide variety of books totaling some 500 titles every year in both originals and translations as well as hardcovers, paperbacks, completed collections, etc..

Towards the 21st Century, we confirm our cooporate philosophy; to succeed the culutural inheritance, to sow seeds that bear intelectual fruit and to introduce foreign culuture. And this year as well we continue to do our best to create new planning and walk together with many readers to look ahead the future.